Regione Sicilia

Agrigento Viale della Vittoria, 321. Tel. 0922-407111 (FAX)0922-401229 C.A.P. 92100 AGRIGENTO (AG)

Caltanisetta Via Giacomo Cusmano, 1. Tel. 0934-506034 (FAX)0934-506038 C.A.P. 93100 CALTANISSETTA (CL)

Catania Via S. Maria La Grande, 5. Tel. 095-2541111 (FAX)095-2540840 C.A.P. 95124 CATANIA (CT)

Enna Viale Diaz, 49. Tel. 0935-520111 (FAX)0935-520509 C.A.P. 94100 ENNA (EN)

Messina Via La Farina, 263/n Palazzo Geraci. Tel. 090-3651 (FAX)090-36527750 C.A.P. 98123 MESSINA (ME)

Palermo Via Giacomo Cusmano, 24. Tel. 091-7032381 (FAX)091-7032249 C.A.P. 90141 PALERMO (PA)

Ragusa Piazza Igea, 1. Tel. 0932-234111 (FAX)0932-234213 C.A.P. 97100 RAGUSA (RG)

Siracusa Corso Gelone, 17. Tel. 0931-484111 (FAX)0931-484380 C.A.P. 96100 SIRACUSA (SR)

Trapani Via Mazzini, 1. Tel. 0923-805111 (FAX)0923-805306 C.A.P. 91100 TRAPANI (TP)

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